This page is not so much a resume as much as a list of things I’ve done and things I would like to do.  If you’re hiring, then perhaps it is a resume…  And if you’re hiring, check out my LinkedIn profile:


My photography was originally the main focus of this website, although other areas now dominate my time.  I offer limited photographic services, including:

  • Adobe Lightroom Consulting
  • 35mm slide conversion
  • Photographing certain events.  (enquire within)

Energy and The World

I spend a lot of time thinking about the big picture of energy and our world.  Areas I'm interested in include:

  • Electrification of Transportation and Buildings
  • Greening and Decarbonizing the Electrical Grid
  • Distributed Generation and Storage


I took a good portion of 2013 off from photography to train for and compete in Ironman Lake Tahoe with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training organization.   My quest was successful and on September 22nd, 2013 I found I had what it took after 16.5 hours of hard work.  Most of the blog entries from 2013 are about triathlon.


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1997

Various work towards Master’s degree, 1999 – 2002

Lecturer, Computer Science Department:  C & UNIX for engineers

Extracurricular activities: Sailing, Triathlon, Student government


I took some C.S. classes after my undergrad degree from Cal Poly, but it never amounted to much.  This was when I was first flirting with the idea of grad school.

Software Engineering

TiVo 2003 – present

Product: data center backend to support Digital Video Recorders around the world.

Roles: Client/Server Test Engineer, Server-side Software Build/Release Engineer, Project Planning

Activities:  In charge of the Build and Release process for TiVo’s datacenter components, Packaging of software for delivery into the datacenter, Configuration Management, Branching strategy for the datacenter products, Release Tracking, Automation of Build Information Tools, Automated deployment of datacenters using Amazon Web Services, Jenkins, and CentOS.

Apple 2003

Product: Mac OS 10.3 (Panther)

Role: Mac OS program office intern – performance tracking

ComDev Wireless 2000 – 2002

Product: 1xEV-DO wide-area wireless networking, which would later become “3G”

Role:  Manager – Internal QA and Field Test teams, Manufacturing Engineering (process planning)

Sun Microsystems 1997 – 2000

Product: Sun Cluster software for creating highly available network services based on Solaris.

Roles: SunCluster client/server test engineering, Solaris System Administration, Customer Training

PDH Software 1995

Product:Variety of small NeXTStep applications for a government customer.

Role: NeXTStep System Administration

Local Government

Historic and Landmarks Commission, City of Santa Clara

The Historic and Landmarks Commission is responsible for directing the City of Santa Clara regarding historic buildings and raising awareness of historic preservation.  I was appointed to the Commission by the City Council in 2010 and became chair of the commission in 2011.

Experiences I’d Like More Of (Fields I’m interested in)

There are certain trends that I’m very interested in working on, or are a strong believer in:

  • Geospatial Imaging and Satellites, GIS
  • Computational optimization of physical networks – especially transportation networks like road and rail.  I would enjoy learning more about optimizing the usage ofroad or rail networks through technology.