Older Canon cameras for sale

It's time to clear out some older cameras that don't get as much use as they could with someone else.  Both cameras are about 8 years old and come with the boxes, the original accessories, and multiple extra batteries.  They both take pictures just fine and would be good for somebody just getting into the world of digital SLR. Note:  I'm not including any lenses with these cameras, unless you want a broken 17-85 EF-S lens that does not focus.  It works (worked) well with the 40-D for a long time.

First is a Canon 40-D which is a "regular size" dSLR good for general stuff.   It takes Canon EF and EF-S lenses and shoots about 5 frames per second.  Read the DP Review of this camera here:   DP Review of Canon 40-d

Next is the Canon 1-D mk ii which shoots 8 frames per second and is great for sports!  This camera has had a lot of use and I purchased it used last year.  Read the DP Review of this camera here:  DP Review of Canon 1-D mkII

I just shot a football game this week with this camera and you can see the results on flickr in these two galleries here:

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Let me know if you're interested in any of these cameras.  I'm making good deals, especially for friends.   Cash in person, please.