OldSF - A website showing historical photos, geotagged

One of the hats I wear is Commissioner on the City of Santa Clara's Historical and Landmarks Commission.   We are supposed to advise the City on all matters historical and one important area is documenting and conveying the City's history. Of course I love anything related to cataloging and geotagging photos, and I've found a website that does an amazing job of using technology to showcase historic photos of San Francisco, our more-famous neighbor to the North:

Perhaps we could get a grant to put something like this together for Santa Clara...

Geo-tagging photos with GPS: It Works!

After purchasing a Garmin GPS and experimenting with the excellent GPS Photolinker software by Jeffrey Early, I'm happy to say that everything totally works!   I have a couple future feature wishes for various parts of the process, but overall, it's great. I'll go into a little more detail in an upcoming post.