For Sale: Studio flash stuff

I'm selling my studio flash setup.  I've gotten good use out of it and it's all good stuff but I just don't use it much anymore and I need the space back.   I've done wedding photo booths, product shots, and corporate headshots with all of this stuff - this is a full setup that can handle a lot of different types of "studio" shots, either in your studio or taken to a client site.

Basic portrait setup:

This is everything you need to head out to a client site and take corporate portraits, other than a backdrop.  Or to a wedding for a photobooth-type setup. 

  • Alien Bees flashes - 3.   Two AB 400 and one AB 800.  They work great and show minimal wear.  With hard travel covers, aluminum reflectors, and soft cases for each.  (zippers on cases are broken)
  • Light stands - Two regular and one shorty for a backdrop light behind a sitting person.  They aren't really heavy-weight but they get the job done.
  • Umbrellas - Two TRI-FOLDING Westcott 45" white/black convertible reflector/shoot-through umbrellas.  These are the good ones that fold very small.  They fit right in to the AB flashes.
  • Bag of Cables and Stuff - sync cables, some clamps, some gaffing tape, etc.  The stuff you need to connect it all together and make it work.
  • Power cables for each flash.  No batteries here!  These puppies will put out full power all day long because they plug in to the wall.
  • Pelican 1650 case - everything listed above fits in this case.  Case is pretty bulletproof - you can stand on it, sit on it, and it's waterproof.   The case shows wear outside and does NOT have the wheels or extendible handle it once had.  It still has three normal handles though.   It's moveable by one person when full of all that stuff, but it's heavy.  You should put it on a dolly if you're going to carry it far.
  • I probably have some 45" wide rolls of seamless paper for backdrops too.  White, grey, black, etc.

Super Backdrop Setup

Take your portraits to the next level with this collection of goodies!

Extendible backdrop setup

Extendible backdrop setup

This group includes things to do nice backdrops:

  • Two more lightstands - they go to 10 feet
  • Telescoping Manfrotto backdrop pole - expands to about 11 feet, or whatever's long enough for the long rolls of seamless backdrop paper.   This thing is made to do exactly this job.
  • Sandbags (5) - You want these so the drunks at your wedding don't trip on the stand and bring it down on the ring bearer kid and you get sued for a million dollars.  There are enough so you can have one on each backdrop stand and one on each flash stand.
  • A few clamps for holding the fabric or seamless backdrop to the bar.
  • Cloth backdrops - One bright white and one light black (home dyed, so not perfectly black) about 9 foot by 18 foot or so.
  • Carrying bin for the cloth backdrops.
  • Botero tri-folding collapsible black/grey/white backdrop - good for headshots, shoulder-length portraits, but probably not full height stuff.

Advanced Modifiers Stuff

This is a collection of fun stuff once you have mastered the basics:

  • Manfrotto tilting boom light stand - You use this to hang a hairlight over your portrait subject.  This thing is large and you will need sandbags for it.  I can't find a model number for this on it but it's Manfrotto.
  • Large Alien Bees softboxes - One 30" x 60" rectangular and one 47" octabox.   These are large and you'll need some ceiling height to use them well.
  • Speedring for softboxes - Only one!  
  • honeycombs - set of 4 (10, 20, 30, 40 degrees)   For aiming your light.  They fit right in to the AB reflectors.  Use one of these for your hair light and one for your hidden backdrop light.
  • Full size umbrellas - Westcott 45" basic umbrellas.
  • Small AB gold/silver reversible umbrella.   The gold side really warms up the light.

Other Stuff

I've got other stuff that does't fit here - like Manfrotto Superclamps (black or silver), random grip gear, etc.  There's an Easton baseball bat duffel that works for carrying the lighting stuff if you don't want the beefy Pelican case.

Pricing coming soon...