JPG Magazine

New Year's and magazines: Renewal and a parting gift

Happy New Year's everyone!  New Year's is a time to look back at the previous year and look forward to the coming year.  Lots of people set goals and vow that this year will be better than the last year, etc. etc. etc...   New Year's celebrates the annual cycle of life, much like magazine subscriptions. Speaking of magazine subscriptions, I've got a small pile of renewal notices that need to be answered.  I'll be renewing National Geographic and Digital Photo Pro again this year, but apparently there will be no need to renew the most interesting magazine I'm subscribed to: JPG.   I just got mail from them saying that despite their best efforts they can't manage to make the numbers work out and will be folding January 5th.  :-(

The parting gift:  As they point out, they have their full issues available in PDF form (PDFs of JPG???  How ironic!) on their website and you can download them all for free until their website goes away.  Go here:

So there you have it - A new year brings opportunity for growth and personal improvement, as well as a little bit of death.

Happy New Year!