Trials riding on a carbon roadbike

If you like road biking, you need to watch this video: which shows just what a full-carbon road frame will put up with in the hands of Martyn Ashton. There's a short video of outtakes here: where he mentions that the whole thing was done one one frame and one set of wheels.  Only two small nicks to the carbon, and one flat suffered the whole time!

I did some freeze-frame CSI-style analysis and the wheels are Hope RS wheels.  I can see the aluminum braking surface but I'm not sure if they're all-aluminum wheels or carbon/aluminum hybrids.  (carbon wheels with aluminum braking surfaces)

Either way, this answers questions like "Can I ride my road bike all the way around Perfumo Canyon Road to See Canyon Road even though it's not all paved?"  Yes, I think you can.