Photo location wiki or database

I've been thinking about restarting my website for photo location and scouting information which I abandoned a few years ago.  I hand-coded the first version but I'm thinking about using the standard wikimedia software (maybe hosting it myself or maybe using a hosted solution) this time around.   There are some geographic features I'm not sure the stock wikimedia engine offers but I'm investigating. I don't want to bore you with details in this email but I've got some ideas about how such a site would be set up, roughly based on but with more photos.  The idea would be some combination of the geo-based photo browsing of flickr and Google Earth, but maybe looking more like  I don't envision it looking like a photo-rich site like flickr or 500px - the point is not to be a photo viewing site but to provide location info like access info, special equipment needed, seasonal issues, etc.

Anyway, if I were to set up something like that would you be interested in contributing information or photos to it?   Would you ever use such a website for finding photo locations?