Adobe continues install stupidity in CS4?

According to this rumor, Adobe's installer is STILL refusing to install the Creative Suite on case-sensitive file systems.  This is an issue that bit me hard earlier this year when I had to reinstall my Mac just to install CS3.  According to the same page Adobe is also disabling installs on SSD drives (flash drives, Solid State Drives, etc.) So if you just bought a MacBook Pro with the Solid State storage option to make a rough, tough, shock-resistant traveling photo editing station, you're out of luck!

It would be nice to see some sort of in-depth explanation from Adobe about why these limitations exist.  Combined with the superficial crappiness of the Adobe Installer (and updater) apps, little gotchas like this just make Adobe look bad.  The install is one of the worst parts of the Adobe experience - at least give us a little info so we don't feel like you're just doing it to us for the fun of it!

Does anyone out there know why these limitations exist?