New Eye-Fi, and some Canon vs. Nikon flame fodder

Great news out from Eye-Fi today!  A new version of their card allows transfers of RAW files!   You can read about it at Rob Galbraith. In addition to RAW support, you can apparently transfer files directly to your computer using an ad-hod wi-fi network now, instead of having to transfer to some web service like Flickr.  So, for $150 you can transfer your RAW files to your laptop while you're shooting, with no need to pass them through the Internets or somebody else's service.  This is getting closer and closer to Canon's $900 wi-fi accessory.

Now I wonder which will happen first:  Eye-fi coming out with a Compact Flash version or their cards or Nikon and Canon dropping CF altogether.  Mybet is on the second, even though I really like Compact Flash as a format for it's speed, larger physical size, and durability.

My tech-savvy friend Philip with his Digital Rebel (with SD card slot) is probably going to be loving this.

In other news, this Photography Bay article details how easy it is to make a stop-motion video using a Nikon D5000, because it has an interval timer function built in.  Stop motion videos are fun to make and having an interval timer mode built in to a dSLR is pretty much a no brainer.  Too bad that with Canon you have to buy a bulky, expensive $140 accessory to do this.  Why? Canon, why?