We can all exhale now... (1-D mk IV released)

New Canon cameras are semi-well-kept secrets, sort of like new Apple products.   It's usually obvious _when_ cameras are going to be released but unclear _what_ the new features are going to be.  (Except that cameras don't really change dramatically from year to year like Apple products do.) Everyone knew that a new sports camera was coming out tomorrow in Europe (tonight in North America) but we didn't know what it was going to be.   The usual group of rumor websites had lots of theories and finally everything was revealed earlier tonight, as Canon issued a press release and a few videos about the new 1-D mk IV. (worst website ever...)

There's nothing really groundbreaking here - more megapixels (because it's Canon), higher ISO, more video modes, supposedly revamped autofocus system, blah blah blah...  It's just the next model - that's it.  Nothing revolutionary here.  No major UI breakthroughs.  No styling changes.  No really new features.  Just a slight evolution.  At $5,000, its $1,000 more than the last one.

So now that that's done we can all all exhale, read the press releases, and then get back to doing photography.  Happy shooting!  (and editing)