Canon 10-22mm wide-angle zoom lens is for sale

Since upgrading to the Canon 5-D mkII last year, I've been planning to phase out my reduced frame (EF-S mount) lenses. I just picked up the 17-40 mm wide angle zoom which means the 10-22 EF-S lens is ready for a new home. I've found I really enjoy the wide angle view and this is one of my favorite focal ranges. This is always the second lens I'll take when I go somewhere, after a more medium length "walk around" lens. Different photographers are drawn to different things and I find I'm drawn to wide angles. This is also a good lens to make panoramas out of, by taking a single wide shot and then cropping it down to a 2 by 1 aspect ratio, or even a 3 x 1.

Keep in mind that 10-22 on a reduced frame (APS-C, or 1.6x crop) sensor is equivalent to 16-35mm on a "full frame" sensor. So the 17-40 is almost the same lens but not quite as wide. The angle of view is almost 90 degrees in the horizontal direction which means you can stand in the corner of a room and take a picture of the whole thing - sometimes including all four walls.

This lens has been well cared for, but not babied. It was purchased two days before a trip to Burning Man, where it was taped up and sealed pretty well. I've carried it a lot of places and it shows some light scuffing, but that's because it's actually been used. (It also went to Jamaica and Vietnam.) It's always had a filter attached on the front for protection and it works 100% as far as I know and has never gotten wet.

The current price at B & H is $720 after rebate and I'm asking $550. That's about 25% off.

Email me at if you're interested.