Transferring blog archives, and Dubai

Migrating archives from old blog

Things are moving along well with the blog here at Brian Johns Photography World Headquarters.   One month in and I'm pretty happy with the new Wordpress setup.  It beats the hell out of the old custom pile of code...

I'm making slow progress on transferring old blog entries from the old system into Wordpress though.   The old system was totally proprietary and all I have from it is a mysql dump file, so I'm entering the blog entries into Wordpress one at a time.   I'm taking the time to edit here and there, as well as add some pictures.   I'm transferring articles in some approximate priority order.  The articles I feel are most important have been moved.

I find the media library in Wordpress to be a bit slow to use.  I was embedding links to Flickr and Photoshelter in the past but I'm trying to get away from that and become more self-reliant.   That means exporting pictures from Lightroom to my hard drive, uploading to Wordpress, and then placing the picture in the posts.   I wonder if there's a Wordpress plugin for Lightroom...


I was thinking of going to Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai this week to catch lectures by Joey Lawrence and a few other great photogs.  Unfortunately the cost of the conference has really gone up so I didn't end up making it.   There are various other plans for international photography brewing though, so stay tuned for more on that front.