Lightroom 4 public beta is here!

Adobe just turned the public beta of Lightroom 4 loose!  You can can all the info here: I'm going to make this entry short because I want to go watch the 8 YouTube videos they havejust posted, which you can see here: But I'll take a minute to comment on the marque features they're touting:

  • New develop process for 2012.  Haven't seen it yet but the new process for 2010 was so phenomenal that it was like getting a whole new camera.
  • Blurb integration.  I make Blurb books!  This could be great!
  • Geotagging.  Thank god, finally.  Haven't seen the details yet but hopefully it's cool.
  • Video features.  Meh.  I have very little interest in this.

I just wanted to post this quick note so perhaps you could say you saw it here first.  I know what I'm going to be doing for the rest of tonight!  (watching videos, downloading, and processing)