Triathlon consumes my brain

[Edit: to find out why I was so consumed by triathlon thoughts when I wrote this post, see my next post to find out what the result of all this thinking was.] This post marks a change for me - a post that has nothing to do with photography.   It turns out that as things change in my life the photography ebbs and flows.   This has been a serious year of ebbing for me.  In place of photography I've been dealing with home remodeling, raising a kid, and trying to be good to myself, all while stepping it up at work a bit.   The photography has taken a back seat but I'm not too broken up about that yet.

Ever since Wildflower (early May) I've been thinking about triathlon all the time.   Over the years I've gone through phases of seriousness and lack-of-seriousness but this seems to be a big period of seriousness.   The family and I have been talking about what sort of commitment it would take to move back to the longer distance race at Wildflower next year.

Over the years I've attempted various training routines including moderate training, t-shirt training, and no training; but this year I'm considering something novel:  actual sustained training.   Like, planning workouts, logging them sticking to them, etc.   I seem to get slightly slower every year that goes by so if I'm going to step it up, sooner is probably better than later.

Perhaps next year will be a big year for me, which means this year needs to lay a string base.