My 2013 Calendar is filling up fast!

2013 is certainly going to be the most active year I've ever had, in terms of registering for events.  Here we are in January and already my calendar is getting full and I'm having to look out for conflicts and events that are too close to each other.  Here's what I've already signed up for: Feb. 2:  Louie Bonpua tri at Pacific Grove - Not sure if this is open to the public or a private Team In Training thing.

April 7th: SLO half marathon (possible)

April 13th: Wildflower practice weekend with TNT

May 4th: Wildflower Long course (half Ironman)

June 2nd: America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride (around Lake Tahoe, out to Truckee)

June 21st: Tahoe training weekend with TNT

August 4th: SF Giants Race (half marathon)

September 22nd: Ironman Lake Tahoe

So that's where I stand so far, in terms of events worthy of putting on the calendar.  This is going to be a great year, but a lot of travel...