Intro to Lightroom Classes Available

I list "digital workflow consulting" as one of the things I can offer to help you out with your digital photography but recently I've been thinking about putting together a more focused workshop that would help someone new to digital photography get up and running. I'm thinking of a 2 hour workshop focusing on Lightroom that would work well  one-on-one or for a small group, offered at your place or mine.  I have an outline (below) but since it's for individuals or small groups it could obviously be tailored to focus more on what you're interested in.

Here's an outline of what I think should be included in a class for people newly serious about digital photography:

  • Digital RAW concepts (RAW files, metadata, and non-destructive editing)
  • Organization of files on the hard drive
  • Importing into Lightroom
  • Sorting and rating
  • Keywording, organizing, and geotagging
  • The Develop module (this topic alone could take a day!)
  • Editing in outside applications
  • Exporting to to the hard drive and other services
  • Printing drafts and final copies

Optional topics could include:

  • pros and cons of printing online vs. at home
  • the book making module

Something like this would probably run about $100 for a two hour one-on-one class.  Please let me know if you're interested in something like this!